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Welcome to the West Star Music Agency. Our aim is to become a leading supporter of signed and unsigned bands and venues. We believe in offering more than just an Internet radio station and be a useful tool for online music promotion.


For The Bands

Bands can enjoy the benefit of free air time and free web profiles with the added option of purchasing a full Website. With the online profile, bands can gain confidence in using West Star Music Agency and preview our skills and what we can do to aid the band.

Once the page is created, it will be added to our online search engine where venues and fans can view and review your page. You can then benefit from the comments made by your fans about your bands.

Included in your page is a YouTube clip of your band with the option of adding a small playlist, should you wish to add it. Links to social media Facebook and Twitter would be the main ones. Also included is an attached folder where you can store tracks and more.


For the venues

Venues can enjoy the benefit of a huge library of talented bands with free online previews of the bands, before booking for an event. Venues will also receive a free profile page and will also be added to our free online search. We will even visit the venue and speak with the organizer in person and discuss your page and future promotion.

Venues will also have the option to purchase a full Website should they be satisfied with our work.


Other Promotion

West Star Music Agency also welcomes international bands and venues to be listed. Please speak to us about video promotion and how we can use video to help promote your band or venue.


West Star Music Agency Crew

  1. Rayner Muller (Australian contact)
  2. Jos Verboven (Holland contact)
  3. Stuart Russell (website creator)
  4. Darren Russell (web hosting)

Your website


WordPress Hosting made simple

If you want to create a site and host it online using your own unique web address, you are in luck. Our hosting packages for WordPress websites offer the best and simplest method to getting your site online using your own domain.

There is no app to upload, no complicated details to configure and no technical installation process. This means that you can easily get your site up and running even if you have little to no technical skills. You just login and make a site with a few clicks, it is that easy. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of the WordPress CMS, you can just get on with using this popular website building tool without the hassle.

More information on this service offered by West Star Music Agency, can be obtained by clicking ‘WordPress Hosting’ under ‘West Star’ in the main menu. Or just click here.


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Interested in our services for your band or venue and/or want to book a meeting? Then please contact us via email: [email protected].


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Links West Star Team Members

DJ Stuy

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DJ Brainvoyager

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