Featured in radio show “Electronic Fusion”


Pitbulljones was featured in episode #22, broadcast on 5 February 2016

Tracks played

1. One Night
2. Shine Down On Me
3. Somebody Knows
4. Step Out Into The Sun

About Pitbulljones

Pitbulljones was formed off the back of an old band that Darren Peers was a member off. Darren did a lot of the production work but as a band they had a creative diversity that produced some truly wonderous songs. Hence to say over time the band gradually disintegrated and Darren began to focus on his own output. He´s still learning the ropes and his tastes and styles always change, so no 2 tracks ever come from the same background.

Darren is influenced by all sorts, indie, rock, trip-hop and drum and bass. He takes from all genres, all styles and eras and put them into his own little melting pot of a home studio and see what comes out.


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