Peter Irock


Peter Irock

Peter Irock was featured in episode #57, broadcast on 7 October 2016
Peter Irock

Tracks played

From the album Boreal, 2014
1. Orion 333
Previews from the coming album IVO (release date end 2016)
2. Icaro
3. Testa
4. Verticale Femminile


In this episode #57 Brainvoyager interviewed Peter Irock.


Peter Irock was born in 1959 in Rome, Italy. He has lived for many years in the Swiss canton Ticino. At age 16 he started to play keyboards and synthesizers. Peter Irock is influenced by Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Isao Tomita, Wendy Carlos and Jean Michel Jarre. He has written music for commercials and television documentaries.

In 2010 Peter Irock released the album “The Return”. On this album he presented his electronic arrangements of the music of Mr. Fiamm, a musician from Locarno. In 2013 he recorded the album “The Schaffhausen Boat”, presented at Schaffhausen. In 2014 the album “BOREAL” was released, and in 2015 his last album “Horizon” came out.

On this moment Peter is working on his new album “IVO”. The expected release date is the end of 2016. In episode #57 of “Electronic Fusion” three previews of “IVO” were presented to the listeners.

Peter Irock has collaborated as a composer and arranger with musicians and recording studios, in particular in Ticino. He created music ‘on demand’ for numerous events, thanks to his skills and extensive knowledge of his instruments.


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2. Facebook
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5. Soundcloud
6. Twitter

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