Michelle Qureshi


Featured in radio show “Electronic Fusion”


Michelle Qureshi was featured in episode #52, broadcast on 2 September 2016

Michelle Qureshi

Tracks played

From the album “Scattering Stars”:

1. Crystals
2. Bridge To Where I Do Not Know
3. Soon

About Michelle Qureshi

Michelle Qureshi is a composer, a multi‐instrumentalist and a classically trained guitarist who writes and performs in various musical styles that combine her instrumental artistry with her passion for creating music. That music, drawn with delicate, soulful sounds, has been described as enchanting, healing, mysterious and mesmerizing, as well as vibrant and energizing. She performs at festivals, house concerts, yoga studios, art galleries, and special events.

Broadcast on radio stations throughout the world and licensed on a global platform, her current album, “Scattering Stars”, reached #7 on the One World Music UK Top 100 Chart and #14 on the ZMR Top 100 Chart, as well as being an “Editor’s Pick” on CD Baby. Michelle’s albums include: Scattering Stars (2016) Margalla Hills (2015) Meditations (2014) Suite Beats (2014) Flow (2014) Illumination (2012) Of Light (2012).

Michelle Qureshi creates an enthralling blend of musical styles on her album “Scattering Stars”. A classically trained guitarist with an interest in Sufi mysticism, Michelle’s studio consists of acoustic, electric, classical, and 12-string guitars, as well an array of synthesizers, indigenous world and exotic percussive instruments. Her musical influences include the likes of Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Pat Metheny, Ennio Morricone, Michael Nyman and Philip Glass among others, as the compositions on “Scattering Stars” emit echoes of her many artistic inspirations throughout.


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