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Featured in radio show “Electronic Fusion”


Legacy of Thought was featured in episode #52, broadcast on 2 September 2016

Legacy of Thought - Future Wonders

Tracks played (all from the album “Future Wonders”)

1. Progeny 1 – The First Starship
2. Time Away – Atlantic Accelerator

About “Future Wonders”

“Future Wonders” is a compilation from the Legacy of Thought label (label owners: Chris Held and Roberto Sass) and the third theme compilation for this label to be released. Each track on this collection tells a story about a possible futuristic accomplishment of mankind. Think of our own world wonders of the Ancient World, but then in our distant future.


The tracks played

Track: Progeny-1 – The First Starship

Musical storyteller Progeny-1 creates this scifi movie soundtrack as a compilation opening track wherein mankind created its first starship meant for deep deep space and great “musical” adventures.

Track: Time Away – Atlantic Accelerator

Time Away is Chris Held from the Netherlands. This downtempo chillout track represents a futuristic super accelerator built underneath the Atlantic.


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