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LAD was featured in episode #203, broadcast on 27 July 2019

Ladd Allen Doane - LAD - Electronic Fusion - Electronic Music of Brainvoyager

Tracks played

From albums Continuum (1), Multiverse (2), Mechanization (3):

1. Continuum
2. Collapsar
3. Positronics

About LAD

In pursuit of science, technology, and music from an early age, Ladd Allen Doane, who artistically goes by LAD, endeavored to create something from nothing so to speak. With inspirations such as Der Spyra, Steve Roach, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, and many others, LAD began writing, arranging, and recording independently in the late ’90s.

At the turn of the century, Opcode ceased its development and Apple released its Power MAC G4. The next logical step; complete a Bachelor of Computer Sciences and become certified in AVID’s ProTools.

With the knowledge gained, LAD continued to stay on track producing, writing, composing and programming. Eventually, more and more companies jumped aboard. Arturia, Propellerhead, Native Instruments, and Ableton…, and finally Apple’s Logic Pro X. At the same time, the worldwide web was making leaps and bounds.

Decades in the making, advances in computer-aided composition and distribution, releases such as the albums Stellar Mass, Geotechnics, and Acceleration become a reality. Astrophysically, Stellar Mass was written with a mindset of galactic travels. Geotechnics gives a vision of Mother Earth and her travels, Acceleration became the basis for future work.

Abstractions defined by specified rhythmic textures and soundscapes set the tone for LAD’s latest and most recent releases.


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