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Featured in radio show “Electronic Fusion”


Jim Ottaway was featured in episode #72, broadcast on 20 January 2017

Jim Ottaway - Electronic music of Brainvoyager - Electronic Fusion

Tracks played

From the album “Timeless E-Motion”:

1. Sequence Of Life
2. Timeless E-Motion
3. Evolutionary Phase

About Jim Ottaway

Jim Ottaway is an award-winning Australian composer, producer and studio performer of original electronic instrumental music covering many genres including electronic, ambient, new age and music for film and television.

Jim’s major musical influences include Tangerine Dream, Edgar Froese, Vangelis, Pink Floyd, Enigma, Johannes Schmoelling, Christopher Buckman, Tony O’Connor, Christopher Franke, Lisa Gerrard, Code Indigo and Gary Wright.

Since 2004 Jim has released over 25 independent albums in his homeland, Australia… commencing with his first release FIRST LIGHT, a light relaxing ambient album culminating in his new release TIMELESS e-MOTION, a powerful electronic album, officially released in January 2017.

Since 2010 seventeen of Jim’s tracks have been chosen as finalist in various Australian music/songwriting awards including ‘The Long Haul’ from his album INVISIBLE VORTEX which was awarded 5th place in the Instrumental Category of the 2015 Australian Songwriting Awards (ASA) and ‘Live the Dream’ from his album POWER which was awarded 4th place in the 2014 ASA.

Jim was awarded a Silver Medal at the 2016 Global Music Awards for his album SOUTHERN CROSS.

Three of Jim’s albums charted around the world during 2016… INVISIBLE VORTEX peaked at #1 on the One World Music Radio Top 100 Chart for 2 months and SOUTHERN CROSS peaked at #4. Both albums and LIQUID MOON also charted well on the US-based Zone Music Reporter Top 100 Chart in 2016.


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