Free airplay in “Electronic Fusion”


Attention electronic bands & artists!

You can have free airplay in radio show “Electronic Fusion” of Brainvoyager. If you would like your electronic music to be played in “Electronic Fusion” on West Star Radio from the UK, Modul303 from Germany and Electronic Music Radio from Venezuela, I kindly invite you to make that happen by submitting your music. The aim is to fill an episode of “Electronic Fusion” solely with electronic music that is submitted by you all.

Electronic music styles that you want to submit may vary between ambient, downtempo, atmospheric, chill-out, soundtracks, Berlin School, cinematic, classical and light-weight club, trance and progressive (maximum bpm 120). No rap and no hip hop please!

When you are still in doubt whether to submit your music or not, please check the flyers and playlists of the previous episodes of “Electronic Fusion”. This will give you a good idea of what styles are acceptable. On top of each episode’s playlist you will find the Mixcloud and YouTube link to that episode. So, you can also listen to what has been played before.

How to submit?

For free airplay you can submit your tracks or albums preferably by using a cloud service like, among others, DropBox or OneDrive and sending me the download links. But if possible, you can send me a redeem code of e.g. Bandcamp as well. Please use the contact form in the main menu, or just click here.

If your files are not very large, you can try to attach them to an email and send them to me that way. If you want to do this, ask me for the email address first by using the contact form. As to preventing spambots from harvesting email addresses, I rather not publish the email address here since I have had some bad experiences doing that.

Also, you can keep submitting your music to get free airplay in future episodes of “Electronic Fusion” as there are no deadlines.

I will listen to all the tracks you have submitted before I can include them in the show. This means that I cannot automatically guarantee that airplay of a submitted track will indeed take place.


What is needed from you?

1. Your track(s) or album(s). Preferred formats are WAVE, FLAC or MP3 at 320 kbps.

2. Info about the tracks. Are they single releases or releases on an album? Release year? It is useless to promote music that is not available for purchase or as give away. Therefore, I require that the music you submit is available for the audience if they would like to obtain it, be it as a purchase or as a gift. So please also state how and where your music can be obtained by providing the link(s)!

3. A short bio. For sharing in the show before your track(s) will play (written in the third person singular).

4. Your links to your social media & website. For sharing on this website.

5. Your email address. I will not share your email address on this website.


West Star Music Agency

If you would like to perform on stage, I kindly invite you to check the West Star Music Agency. Maybe we can mean something for each other in this field as well. Just click here.

Is this free airplay really free?

Yes! First of all, it’s all about the music and not about the money. However…

Here on Electronic Music of Brainvoyager I will share all your links after a show that included your track(s) has been broadcast. Therefore, in return I would highly appreciate it if you could share the following websites on your own social media & websites:



For examples of how the promotion of your links will look like on this website, click here to see the promotion of already featured artists.


Bring it on!

Submissions of electronic music, in styles as mentioned above, are always welcome. After all, the show’s name is “Electronic Fusion”. So, let’s bring on the music!

Thanks a lot in advance!



Please take good note of all the info and requirements under “What is needed from you” on this page before you decide to submit your music. If you do not meet all the requirements upon submitting your music, I cannot take your music into consideration. Unfortunately, I don’t have time enough to start email conversations in order to obtain missing info after receiving incomplete submissions. Therefore I will not notify you either. Last but not least: I will not pay for music that you would like to submit.

Thanks for your understanding!


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Electronic Music Radio

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West Star Radio

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