Floating Through Colorful Realms


Floating Through Colorful Realms, new track by Brainvoyager

Released 22 November 2014



A flute is attracting you with its irresistible voice. As you are coming closer, the gates open themselves and harmonious choirs welcome you as if they were expecting you for a long time. Carried away by the choirs you are floating through colorful realms. Twinkling bells are paving your way. The choirs force you to entirely abandon your home world; they embrace you with their warm robes of sound. And then, after a while, they slip away.

The flute is calling you again; it’s calling you for a dreamy multi layered piano etude. You slowly dream away on these peaceful piano sounds until a hypnotic rhythm wakes you up and carries you away again. Only a few moments later a choral outburst along with a start off of rapid kick drums demand your attention. A melancholic melody emerges and enables you to climb to high altitudes. You can see the colors and the majestic world; it’s a world of joy but sometimes a world of sorrow too.

Then you are granted a very short break, a break that ends with even faster rhythms, compiled by the multi layered percussion. The percussion floods your mind in a convenient way, they sound extremely addictive. Suddenly, a sparkling sequencer takes the lead and along with the percussion a very hypnotic piece is drowning you in rhythm and sequencers while chanting voices of children are telling you that you should definitely join them.

After this incredibly hypnotic rhythm finally has gone, the children’s voices stay around for just another brief moment. And then they vanish as well. You are alone again and you are slowing down a bit. The twinkling bells accompany you again, this time they seem to make you aware that the end of your journey is nearing. But not yet. There’s that nice melancholic melody again that tells you that all is well and that you should not worry. You go on, going higher and higher again.

As a majestic closing, the multi layered piano etude returns. It provides a smooth and peaceful guide to reality again. Slowly you are returning to your own world. Not that you want to though. The flute waves you goodbye while the piano etude grants you its very last notes.

Brainvoyager, 22 November 2014



• Duration: 17:58 min.
• Composed, performed and mixed by Brainvoyager
• Video by Brainvoyager

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    Brainvoyager on

    On Wednesday December 3rd, 2014, JPTN wrote on Soundclick.com:

    Finally had ample time to listen to this.

    I like it. Rich tones and vibrant soundscape. It flows well in my opinion, innocent melodies transition to slightly eerie ones and back again with a certain elegance. I like the introduction of percussion around 7:36. Like the build of the percussion too. Good job with the builds. You fit all of this together well, nice. Compositions of this type and length take a bit of work, and you did a good job with it.

    I can definitely see this as an interesting musical adventure for the trippers and the drifters.

  • Karel
    Karel on

    I think this is really a beautiful piece of music! The unexpected piano fits wonderfully well in this track, although I must admit that the story you wrote helped me a lot to understand what it was doing here. I ehhh…, always think about classical music when I think of piano music. Well done Brainvoyager, you seem to like putting unexpected elements together. 😉 Your style of making music always helps me to relax when I come home from a busy day at work. Nice!

    • Avatar
      Brainvoyager on

      Thank you very much Karel!

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