Ébredés by Brainvoyager featuring David Maeso


Ébredés, new track by Brainvoyager featuring David Maeso

Released 3 October 2014

I’m happy to announce that a new track has been released. Ébredés is a trancy track and it features Spanish producer David Maeso. It was great to produce a track in collaboration with someone else. I had never done this before.

I hope you will enjoy the track!




• Duration: 7:31 min.
• Composed, performed and mixed by Brainvoyager
• Guest performance by David Maeso
• Video by Brainvoyager

The track ‘Ébredés’ is available in this website’s Music Shop.

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  • Karel
    Karel on

    I’m not really into this kind of music but I can imagine that many others are. The video is nice to watch as it seems to go well along with the music. Speed and alternating colors are what this track brings to my mind indeed. 🙂

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