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Click an agenda item to reveal its details. Radio station Modul303 always has the first première on Saturday.



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Good to know!

Do you want to listen to the episodes of Brainvoyager’s “Electronic Fusion” again? Or did you miss an episode? Do you want to listen to “Electronic Fusion” at a moment that is better for you than the dates & times of the radio stations in their broadcast schedules? Well, you can.

Every Sunday at 11:00 pm CET/CEST the latest episode becomes available on Mixcloud. There you can access all the previous episodes of radio show “Electronic Fusion”.

Go to the weekly radio show’s flyers and playlists if you want to check out what was played in “Electronic Fusion” in the previous episodes.

If you would like to get free airplay in “Electronic Fusion”, then the page free airplay is a great starting point to discover how you can make that happen. Please take good note of all the info there before you decide to submit your music. If the requirements are not met, your music cannot be played in the show.