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On “Electronic Music of Brainvoyager” you can read everything about my electronic music as Brainvoyager. In addition, you can find everything about my weekly radio show Electronic Fusion. See the broadcast schedule.

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Music by Brainvoyager on the compilation album

Music by Brainvoyager on the compilation album


History of the Universe Cover - Legacy of Thought Label - Electronic Music of Brainvoyager


Release notes Legacy Of Thought “History of the Universe”

“The mapping of our universe through its billions of years of history. Experience it with Legacy of Thought’s artists, each giving you one piece of the galactic music puzzle.”

Release notes Brainvoyager “The Sun Forms”

“The Sun is the star at the center of the Solar System. It is a nearly perfect sphere of hot plasma, with internal convective motion that generates a magnetic field via a dynamo process. The Sun is by far the most important source of energy for life on Earth.”

• Closing track: The Sun Forms – Brainvoyager
• Release date: 14 July 2017 | Record label: Legacy of Thought
• See the Discography page for listening and how to buy

Voyage Through the Brain Cover - Legacy of Thought Label - Electronic Music of Brainvoyager


Release notes Legacy Of Thought “Voyage Through The Brain”

“The music from the composers of Legacy of Thought will sway you into a trance after which Sleepingenius will hypnotise you into an altered state of consciousness. After waking up, you will know everything about the brain.”

Release notes Sleepingenius “Nucleus Accumbens”

“Welcome to our musical voyage through the brain, as we follow the cerebral pathway along the most complex and mysterious organ of the body. Listen and relax while science reveals the secrets of our innermost emotional experiences and our spontaneous physical responses.

• Opening track: Nucleus Accumbens – Brainvoyager & Sleepingenius
• Release date: 30 March 2017 | Record label: Legacy of Thought
• See the Discography page for listening and how to buy


“All that has been” on YouTube


“Drifting Memories” on YouTube

An electronic symphony


Dance film “A Touch of Oblivion”



“I’m looking for a peaceful place and a touch of oblivion. I would like to slip away from this world for a while or so. Can you make that happen?”
“Oh, I can get you into oblivion easily. Just sit down, close your eyes and let me play my song for you.”


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Three solo works and the dance track Ébredés

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The albums

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Electronic music of Brainvoyager - A Touch Of Oblivion

Electronic music of Brainvoyager - The Eternal Quest

Electronic music of Brainvoyager - Floating Through Colorful Realms

Electronic music of Brainvoyager - Ébredés

Drifting Memories by Brainvoyager

Dreamworld by Brainvoyager

Compilation by Brainvoyager

Voyage Through The Brain, compilation album


Radio show “Electronic Fusion” #171 – 15 December 2018

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Banner Electronic Fusion - Electronic Music of Brainvoyager


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Groove Unlimited

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Legacy of Thought

Legacy of Thought - Electronic Music of Brainvoyager

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