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The Name Brainvoyager

Welcome to Electronic Music of Brainvoyager! It is great to see you stopping by. This website officially went online on 24 September 2013. First, let me introduce myself briefly.

My real name is Jos Verboven, but artistically I go by Brainvoyager. I’m a Dutch creator of cosmic and ambient electronic music, living in The Netherlands. Spelled as ‘Brain Voyager’, this name appeared in 1985 as Robert Schroeder’s, a German electronic musician, 7th album title. This name covers exactly what Brainvoyager’s music stands for: a voyage within the listener’s brain, thus turning him or her into a real brainvoyager. My music is best described as a mixture of contemporary rhythms and hypnotic electronic ambiences, inspired by the model of retro Berlin School.

You are kindly invited to discover how great these voyages can be. For listening to my tracks you may check the galleries under ‘Galleries’ in the main menu. You have the choice to listen to and watch the tracks on YouTube or, if you prefer a better sound quality, you can can listen to the tracks on Soundcloud.


Electronic music has been a big musical passion for me for almost 35 years now, however, the first 33 years were spent as a listener. My biggest influences come from Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Robert Schroeder & Steve Roach, but I like trance music as well, and I’m not unfamiliar with the music of the likes of Armin van Buuren either. I have put some links to their official websites under ‘Links/Other Artists’ in the main menu so that you can check each website out easily.

The Music Shop

If you like my productions, you could consider to support me by purchasing my music. If you would like to look around in the shop, click ‘Music Shop’ in the main menu. Or just click here.

Some kind Requests

You can share your thoughts under ‘News & Blog’ in the main menu; I will do the same. Feel free to comment on any post you want and as much as you want. However, the section ‘News & Blog’ is configured as a blog rather than a forum.

Latest solo works (click on an image to watch & listen on YouTube)
Cover Floating Through Colorful RealmsCover The Eternal Quest

Listen to the tracks from the latest album Drifting Memories

If you would like to share something about electronic music that you would like to see in a dedicated thread rather than adding your contribution to an existing posting, just send me a ticket and I will create the thread for you. Tickets can be sent using the contact form under ‘Contact’ in the main menu.

There is one thing though. Every day my logs show numerous attacks from spambots that have been trying to get access to this website. I have experienced that automated spamming is very likely to occur if no measures have been taken against it. Generally it’s not mandatory to register for Electronic Music of Brainvoyager. Feel free to visit this site as a guest. However, if you would like to write comments on the subjects and album reviews, I kindly ask you to register first. Registering must be considered as a precaution against automated spamming. You can find the registration form and login box in the main menu under ‘Login/Register’.

I encourage you to take part in the discussions and therefore to register. Your contributions will be highly appreciated and they may be useful for other guests and members of Electronic Music of Brainvoyager. Please write in English only. That way everyone can read and understand what you have written.

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Enjoy & share!

It would be great seeing Electronic Music of Brainvoyager become an interactive meeting place for electronic music lovers. Therefore, this website doesn’t want to limit itself to a certain style or genre. Both the sections ‘News & Blog’ and ‘Reviews’ should be helpful to achieve this goal, as there are lots of things to discover there. If you like what you see and what you hear, I would hugely appreciate it if you would put a link to this website on your own website and/or share this website on your social media. You can like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter & Google+ as well. Bookmarking this website is also a very good idea to stay informed.

Last nut not least; I’m always open for your suggestions to improve Electronic Music of Brainvoyager. So don’t hesitate to use the contact form under ‘Contact’ in the main menu. Enjoy your stay and I hope that you will come back to my website regularly. Thanks in advance!

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